WordPress verses HTML

The difference between WordPess and HTML is like the difference between buying a house that is already made (WordPress) or designing your own house (HTML).

WordPress is a an open source content management system (CMS). Open Source means anyone can contribute code to it - that it is not a software package owned by one company. Once you have installed WordPress in your site hosting location, the user then must choose a template (a website layout). Each template comes with its own benefits and restrictions.

For the purpose of the discussion, HTML refers to all computer website programming - HMTL, PHP, ASP, CSS etc.

WordPress Pros:

wordpress image
  1. Though useful, you do not need to know programming to use WordPress
  2. Many templates to choose from and many plug-ins. Plug-Ins are code packages that can be added to the template. For example if you wanted a calendar added to your site, you could install a calendar plug-in.

WordPress Cons:

  1. When you choose a template, you are restricted by the limitations of that template. To use the early analogy with a house, when you buy a house you are restricted by the house layout. You can't easily make the small kitchen into a large kitchen.
  2. Not all plug-ins are compatible with all templates.
  3. Most WordPress templates aren't Responsive
  4. More difficult to make your website Search Engine Optimized.
  5. Extra code (like the active color selector on the Color Matters does not work in WordPress.

HTML Pros:

html image
  1. The sky is the limit. You are not restricted by the limitations of a WordPress template.
  2. Easier to modify code than in WordPress.
  3. Extra code (like the active color selector on the Color Matters page is fully functional.
HTML Cons:

  1. To be able to modify or update the website, you need a basic understanding of HTML


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