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It is important to get higher Search Engine Rankings because typically the first 10 listings get 89.71% of the clicks. The next 10 only get 4.37% of the clicks.

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An important factor in how Google ranks your site is your Page Rank (PR). Google uses Page Rank as a measure of the quality and popularity of your site. Your website's Page Rank is based on the number of links your website has. Though out bound links (links on your website for other sites that have a high PR ranking) help, the in-bound links (links for your website on other sites) are most important. Avoid having low quality in-bound links -- links from unrelated sites, from pages that have 30 or more links on them, or from websites that have a Page Rank of 0.

The best way to increase your in-bound links is to get listed in Online Directories such as Open Directly Project, write online articles on other people's blogs that have a link to your website in the resources, write testimonials for other people's websites that have your URL as your signature, or participate in online topic related forums.

To determine the current number of links for your website enter the following in the Google search bar: Immediately below the heading of the web page it will display "About xxxx results" where xxxx is the number of links.

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Keywords are the words that people search for on the Search Engine. For example if they open Google and do a search for 'Wisconsin Auctions'. In the header (in your website's html code) of each of your web pages list the keywords you want to be ranked for by the search engines.

Carefully choose your keywords to define your business niche. Often using descriptive or geographic words help. For example if you used 'Auctions' verses using 'Wisconsin Auctions'. To determine the number of sites indexed for a particular keyword, in the Google search bar enter: keyword:"Wisconsin Auction". The result is displayed immediately below the heading. A Google search for 'Auctions' shows there are 11900 competing websites and a search for 'Wisconsin Auctions' has competing websites. You are much likely to rank higher in the search engine if you are competing against 76 websites verses 11900 websites. Here are four free online tools useful for website and keyword analysis:

Action Items

Search Engines also like web pages that have an action item. An action item is something for the user to click on (other than a link) such as an embedded You Tube video. Create and upload a You Tube video related to your business with your web site mentioned in it. For example if you have an Auction Website, create a You Tube about the different identifying marks found on McCoy Pottery. The topic should be something that adds authenticity to your website.


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