Responsive Websites

Is your website responsive? A Responsive Website is a site that automatically changes its layout for the screen size it is viewed on. This website has a two column layout when viewed on a laptop or desktop computer, and a one column layout if viewed on a I-Pad. Websites that are not responsive, are very difficult to view on an I-Phone or I-Pad.

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As of July this year, statistics show that number of people who will be viewing web pages on an I-Phone or I-Pad will out number the number of people who are viewing websites from a computer. Having a Responsive Website will then be critical to your search engine rankings. On a responsive website, the text size is the same whether the website is viewed from an I-phone or from a desktop computer. When a non-responsive site is viewed on an I-Phone the website is displayed in miniature and when it is made larger, the user has to scroll right and left to be able to read the text that goes beyond the edge of the screen. On a responsive site, the layout realigns so there is no need to scroll right and left.

This site, WebServices, is Responsive. In the upper right corner of your screen click the square icon test for responsiveness once and then with your mouse, move the right edge of the screen in. You will see how the the layout keeps changing the smaller the screen size gets.


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