Web Design Tips

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Make you Website Responsive-- a responsive website auto re-aligns for the type of device the webpage is being viewed on. As of July 2014, this will greatly effect how high you rank in the search engine database.

Website Tips How to Create a Website-- important things to consider when buying a domain name, when purchasing hosting, and when designing your web page.

Color Matters-- how color effects a web page. If the background color of this page was bright pink, how do you think it would effect the authenticity and professionalism of this website?

Wordpress vs HTML-- which is the best option for you?

Your Business on Facebook-- step by step procedures of how to set up a business page on facebook. Every post you make on your business facebook page goes direct to all those who have liked your page. Free advertising.

Web Design Checklist-- a list of the many important matters to consider when designing your business website.

Search Engine Optimization -- steps you can take to help you website rank higher in the search engine database.


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