Web Design Checklist

Web Design
Webdesign Checklist

  • Domain name - recommended 15 characters or less
  • Keywords -- write your site for certain keywords. Keywords are the words a web-browser would enter into internet search engine when searching for information or a product
  • MetaTags
  • ALT tags, Image Names, H2, H3 -- Do you have your keywords in these tags?
  • Body -- a minimum of 600 characters evenly distributed with your keywords
  • Page names - do you use keywords in your page names?
  • Contact info -- all pages w/ consistent address data
  • Consistency -- site layout (the format), style and colors should be consistent
  • Optimized navigation -- Is it easy for a web browser to navigate from one page to the next?
  • Transparency -- who is behind the site?
  • A clear message -- Site clear shows user what is being sold or what topic it is about
  • E-commerce
  • Site Map -- There are two types of site maps. One for the internet user and one for search engines.
  • Robots.txt -- a file used by search engines
  • 404 Page -- the page that displays when a bad link is clicked
  • Favicon -- the icon that shows when the user adds your website to their favorites list

Optional Action Items
  • Contact Form
  • You Tube Video
  • Newsletter Sign Up
  • Facebook Like
  • Mail List
  • Customer testimonials
  • Blog or dynamic content

Other things to consider
  • 301 Redirects - If your page names have changed, do you need any 301 redirects? Note: Google hates 301s.
  • Image Optimization -- Are your images optimized to load as quickly as possible?
  • Page Load Speeds -- Slow page load speeds will hinder your Search Engine rankings.
  • Spelling & grammar
  • Validate HTML & CSS -- use online validators.
  • Check for Bad Neighbors -- Bad Neighbors are links on your site for sites that do not have a good status on Google
  • Verify link function -- Do you have any bad links on your site. If linking to another website, their page names may have been updated. Check your links periodically.
  • Google analytics -- Statistics for your site: how many people look at your site each day, where do these people come from (which of your advertising methods are working?)...
  • Different browsers -- Different browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome) display sites differently. Test your site in all browsers.
  • Responsive (Mobile) -- A responsive site realigns (the layout changes), depending on the type of device it is being viewed on. In 2014 this is becoming a very important search engine ranking characteristic. For example, view this site from your laptop and from your I-Phone.
  • Fresh content -- Search Engines love fresh content. How often are you adding/changing things on your site?
  • Page Rank building
  • Site Backups
  • Manual SE submission -- Google & Bing
  • Location specific listings
  • Hyper-local directories
  • Yelp & Google Places


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