A FaceBook Business Page

Creating a Facebook page for your business is an excellent way of reaching new customers.

Step 1: Create your Business Facebook Page

Log into Facebook and go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php to begin the creating a Facebook page for your business.

Step 2: Select your Business Category

There are a number of business categories to choose from. Select the category that best fits your business:
Setting up Business Page in Facebook Step 1

Step 3: Configure your business page

Follow on screen instructions going through Step 1 thru Step 4. Step 3 and Step 5 are optional and can be skipped. When complete, your Business Facebook page is created. Anyone who likes your Business on Facebook with then receive a post for everything you put on your Business Facebook page.
Setting up Business Page in Facebook Step 2

Step 4: How to access your Business Page

To access your Business Facebook page, log into your personal Facebook account and click on the new link under Pages on the left column, or click the drop down arrow in the upper right-hand corner and select your business page.
Setting up Business Page in Facebook Step 1

Step 5: Post a Message

When making a business post it is recommended that it is 100 characters or less. That you give 10 information posts for ever one sales pitch post. Always keep personal and business separate - only post business things on your business's page.


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